The single supplement

The single supplement

A single supplement is an additional sum of money that a hotel charges for one person to stay in a room meant for two people.


When we give you a rate , this rate is valid for Double / Twin / Triple Occupancy , But when their will be a single traveler wants to stay at single room & Occupancy  , there should be a single supplement added to cover the cost of the single room , here are examples :


* When the rate is $ 650 USD per person sharing double /twin/triple rooms , this means :

-Double Or Twin Room : $ 650 USD X 2 Persons sharing  = $ 1,300 USD TOTAL

-Triple  Room : $ 650 USD X 3 Persons Sharing = $ 1,950 USD TOTAL


But when 02 persons do not want  to stay at the same Room at double / twin  , the rate will be more for sure because they will be using 2 rooms , the single room supplement will be as below :

- For 3* Hotels , the single room supplement & use costs $ 30 USD more per room per night to be added to the rate per person sharing double/twin/triple rooms

 - For 4* Hotels , the single room supplement & use costs $ 40 USD more per room per night to be added to the rate per person sharing double/twin/triple rooms

- For 5* Hotels , it is different from hotel to hotel ..


* So, again , if the rate per person is $ 650 USD per person sharing double /twin/triple rooms   :

-If the 02 persons don’t want to stay at the same room , but at singe rooms , the rate will be different as below and there are 03 nights at 3* hotels :

- 02 Single Room 02 Persons  : $ 650 USD ( + $ 30 + $ 30 + $ 30 = $ 90 ) = $ 740 USD X 2 Persons = $ 1,480 USD TOTAL

- 03  Single Room 03  Persons  : $ 650 USD ( + $ 30 + $ 30 + $ 30 = $ 90 ) = $ 740 USD X 3 Persons = $ 2,220 USD TOTAL


Single Supplement Basics

A single supplement is a charge paid by a solo traveler to compensate a hotel or cruise ship for losses incurred because only one person is using a room or cabin. Most hotel rooms and ship cabins are built under the assumption that at least two people will occupy them. In fact, nearly all hotel and cruise pricing is based on double occupancy. Many tours base their prices on double occupancy, too.

Single supplements range from 10 to 100 percent of the double occupancy rate. Hote and cruise ship operators claim that charging a single supplement helps them recover the fixed costs of maintaining the room or cabin, such as utilities and cleaning, which stay the same regardless of how many people use the room.


Who Must Pay a Single Supplement?

Solo travelers usually pay single supplements on group tours, on cruises and at hotels. Tour operators and cruise lines disclose single supplement rates in their brochures and on their websites. The single supplement at a hotel is generally not disclosed; rather, a solo traveler will pay the same rate for a room as two travelers sharing that room, effectively paying a 100 percent supplement. When asked, hotel owners explain this by stating that they charge by the room, not by the number of people using the room.


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