Petra Guided Trails/Tours

Petra Guided Trails/Tours

*Before you go to Petra for its trails, very important notes and general information ..etc : 

A- Petra Tickets/Entrance fees : For the Tickets , entry into the site of Petra is only permitted to visitors holding valid tickets. These are available at the Visitor Center and can be purchased on arrival. Prices differ for foreigners and locals and a range of ticket types are available depending on the length of stay and number of visits to be made into Petra.
1. Fees for the accommodated visitor: Visitor who stays at least one night in Jordan.
Entrance Tickets Price Per Person (J.D)
One Day Visit  50 (J.D)
Two Days Visit  55 (J.D)
Three Days Visit  60 (J.D)
For Three Days & More  60 (J.D)

2. Fees for non-accommodated visitor:

Entrance Ticket:  (90 J.D)
Please submit your passport to the tickets office.
Tickets are available by cash or Credit cards .
Children under 12 years are free of charge. 
B- Prepare yourself for the tour , here are many points and useful notes  you should consider : 
- You need to bring a valid passport on the day of the tour. So,Please submit your passport to the tickets office
- Tickets are available by cash in Jordan Dinar (J.D) or Credit cards 
- Please note that  children under 12 years are free of charge
-  Do not forget to bring comfortable walking shoes, hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, mineral water, light clothes in the summer and warm clothes in the winter
- Lunch in Petra will be late, so it is recommended to eat a big breakfast , bring a breakfast box or lunch box with you from your hotel or any restaurant at the Petra Gate
C-Additional optional costs (this is by yourselves can not be arranged through us) :
- Hire of a horse (to take you from Visitor’s Centre to Bab al Siq): 3-5 JD pp
- Hire of a Carriage (to take you from Visitor’s Centre to the treasury): 20JD for 2 people
- Camel Ride/Tour is 7 -10 JD from the Treasury to Qasr Al Bint 
- Donkeys are also available for 10-15 JD per donkey per person
D-Opening times : The site is open from 6am to approximately 6pm (verify).  The Park police try to move tourists out of the site before dark because the terrain is difficult to manage in the dark.
E- The Qulaity of our Guides we use Vs. The Qulaity of The Local guides are assigned at the visitor's center of the site 
You might find  the guiding fees we offer is different from the rate available at the visitor's center of the site , but please do consider the followings :
- The Local guides (Who are at the visitors center of Petra site   ) are assigned at the visitor's centre of the site, they are employees of the Jordanian Ministry of Tourism and Travel Agencies cannot guarantee the quality of their services. They , so far , have complaints , for some but not all ! 
- We , at CWRT as a Travel Agency , can guarantee the quality of the guides with the following standards & criteria :
             * Language Fluency & its accent
             * Historical and archeological Background & knowledge
             * Our Guides are fit & young
The above criteria/standards , you may not find at the guides who are assigned by the visitors center & the Ministry of Tourism, sorry for that , of course !
At the end of the tour , we are ready to re-fund you if you are not satisfied or happy with our guide and we are sure as it never happened …



*****You can find the list of the guides we have , their  CV & feedback , by following this link :  {UNDER CONSTRUCTION}




The Main/Classical Trail ends till the Middle of Petra (The Basin Restaurant) : Trail 01

  Tour/Trail Details :   Trail Code PT001 Trail Name  Classic /Main Trail till Qaser Al Bint  Trail Duration  02.30- 03 Hours* Trail Distance  04...

The Main/Classical Trail till The Monastery (Ad Deir - Main Trail) - Full Day : Trail 02

Just before you enter the site you will see the Visitors Centre where you can purchase your entrance tickets(Or we can purchase/arrange it if it is included with our package) , You enter the Petra Archaeological Park (PAP) from the main gate in Wadi Musa. The walk from this gate to the entrance...

Al Kubtha Trail : The High Place of Sacrifice, Jebal al Khubtha & Top Viewing Point over the Treasury (Treasury Viewpoint) : Trail 03

you can visit the High Place of Sacrifice and descend the back route into Wadi Farasa walking via the Garden Tomb, the Lion Fountain and the Roman Soldier’s Tomb. This route will bring you to the back of the Great Temple.   On your way out of Petra walk up to the Royal Tombs and take the...

The Back Route( Bedouin Trail to Petra) / The Back Door to Petra from little Petra : Trail 04

PetraThrough The Back Way to The Monastery (Through Petra Back door):  Tour/Trail Details :   Trail Code PT004 Trail Name  The Back Door to Petra from little Petra  Trail Duration  09-10 Hours* Trail Distance  11-13...

The Trail of Wadi Mudhluim (Wadi al Mudhlim - an alternative to the Siq) : Trail 05

  Tour/Trail Details :   Trail Code PT005 Trail Name  The Trail of Wadi Mudhluim Trail Duration  04-05 Hours* Trail Distance  06-07 KM  Grade/Level Difficult Start (Point) Main Gate / Visitors...