Our Camp

Our Camp is a small, simple, authentic, & comfortable Bedouin Camp. It is located in the heart of the desert of Wadi Rum , 10 k.m approx. far away from the visitors center of Wadi Rum , 8 k.m from Rum Village . 

Our camp will be the perfect way to explore the spectacular desert of Wadi Rum in which you will sleep under the stars far a way from the noisy city , car horns , traffic jams ...etc .

Our camp, that we call Freindly family Camp , is a small family camp. It is not very far from the village by jeep, but it is in the middle of the desert, quiet and peaceful. It is facing near to the small arch.

We also offer accommodation at our Bedouin Camp. This offer an authentic experience of bedouin overnight stay in traditional environment where you can dream under the stars or just simply snuggle up inside the tent after you have had your hearty meal and enjoyed all the stories bedouin have to tell.

There are also tents for families, enough for up to 5 people.We have a nice outside sitting area with comfortable seats and fireplace in the middle for the warm nights when you can enjoy the stars and the moon.


Breakfast usually consists of bread ,cheese , jam ,eggs and butter unless other food requested . on lunch and dinner.we offer a variety of meals to suit all our guests , such as cooked and grilled meat (BBQ), vegetables ,salads and bread . we can provide Bedouin bread if requested .

Drinks are coffee , Bedouin coffee and tea are available all the time.

The dinner will be taken around the fire or in the dinner tent during winter.


Mattresses , blankets and pillows are available , you can choose to sleep in the big tents , small tents , in the area between the big tents under stars or you can move to sleep on the golden sands beside the camp .
OUR CAMP is provided with toilettes eastern in in addition to the shower.
We can also be flexible if you wish to put a private tent outside the campsite, for example on the mountain in front of the camp.
We can prepare a nice water pipe for a small extra charge.



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