Dessi Camps

Dessi Camps

Al Hillawi Camp

The camp features 200 double tents with the capacity to serve 500 guests at once. The camp offers Bedouin food, folklore and tent, sampling the dignity and hospitality of the naives. Specially equipped with private bathrooms and showers, hot & cold water.  

Bait Ali Lodge & Camp

*For more information , please visit :    Bait Ali Lodge is a unique rest area in the heart of Wadi Rum, easily accessed from the main Wadi Rum road (around 55 km. from Aqaba and 10 km. from the desert highway turn off at "Ragdia"). On the main bus route...

Rahayeb Desert Camp

Situated in a stunning canyon in the Wadi Rum Nature Preserve, Rahayeb Camp offers a traditional Bedouin experience. It has traditional tents with shared or private bathrooms, and common  tents, where meals are served.   Tents at Rahayeb Desert come with a carpeted floor, linens,...

Captain's Desert Camps ( Dessi Captain's Desert Camp/Private Captain's Camp / Echo Captains' Desert Camp)

Captain's Desert Camp offers a unique experience in traditional Bedouin tents with clear views of the Wadi Rum landscape. This camp offers an authentic desert experience with classic Bedouin meals prepared daily.   Captain's Desert Camp has 2 locations, one situated close to the Disi...